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Power supply repairs

Olympus Electronics repairs all types of electronic power supplies on a daily basis.
These include:

  • AC/DC Power Supplies
  • DC/DC Power Supplies
  • Linear Power Supplies
  • Switch Mode Power Supplies
  • Single and Multi output Power Supplies
  • Single Phase and 3Phase Power Supplies
  • PC and Laptop Power Supplies
  • Plasma and LCD Power Supplies

Our repair workshop is fully equipped with modern diagnostic and repair equipment. All repairs are performed to component level by the most experienced engineers. We use geniuine replacement components and we soak and load test all repairs, making sure that safety and performance is as good as brand new. We repair all types and brands of power supplies for stand alone or chassis based units such as:
Artesyn, Astec, Weir, Lambda, Powerone, Cherokee, Powertec, Sony and many others.
We are the repair specialists for Cisco 6k series, 10K series, Extreme Networks Black Diamond, Nortel,Ericsson,Alcatel, 3Com power supplies.
For any other not so common type of power supply we can offer a Free Evaluation Service. Send us your power supply unit and we will evaluate the repair cost and give you a no obligation quote.

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